Tips on Installing the New Affilotheme

Having Problems Installing Affilotheme?

This post will hopefully help you avoid some of the problems I had in installing Affilotheme, whether you are someone who is bulding a website for the first time, or you have hundreds of other WordPress themed sites.
I had the previous Affilotheme and initially it did fine but in the last 6 months my sales on a particular site have been drying up.

 Since I am not a computer geek and do not look at Google Analytics much, I don’t know the exact answer but I guessed from the high bounce rate (80%+) that it had a lot to do with the look of the site.

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So I decided to install Mark Ling’s latest Affilotheme.  It wasn’t easy to install, I had some problems, but the technical team helped me to overcome these.  (One of the main reasons I use Mark Long’s theme and his products is that he has a good Support team and forum so that you get your questions answered.  And once you’ve bought one of his products -like Affiloblueprint- you don’t have to keep paying to have access to help or further information.

In the video lower down I give before and after shots of the particular site and will hopefully come back and let you all know how the newly uploaded theme helps-if at all.

How to Install Affilotheme using C-panel

Really the best way to do this is follow the link provided by Affilorama, but for newbies it might be helpful to follow a video which I made just for you.  I hate the technical side of building websites, and I know there are others out there just like me!

Here is VIDEO -click on the link below:


As I ended the video by saying that I had a problem at the end installing the theme, the problem was that at that stage the WordPress Jetpack plugin was incompatible with this new theme (if you have the same problem you can watch the next video.  Even if you don’t it might be helpful to watch to see how you set up the new website using the Affilotheme).  I think in the near future they should have a fix in place to overcome the Jetpack problem.

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Here’s VIDEO 2 on installing Affilotheme:


It shows what the site looks like immediately after activation, and how assigning a widget or two improves the appearance immediately.  By the way, changing the category of the Reviews posts to “reviews”, and then putting a Category posts widget into the sidebar did work, and enabled me to show the Reviews at the top right of the sidebar , as was intended (the video does not show that.)

and here’s the LINK if your hosting supports C-panel

Hopefully as I use the Affilotheme Header settings to create a decent Header, and write some more articles, the bounce rate on this site will drop and the sales will return. So far, with no decent header yet in place, I still got my first sale in 10 weeks so something is working! Will report back later when I get to grip with the lates Googgle Analytics stats as well.

Hope this post has been helpful,

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Mark Ling Launches Affilotheme

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What is Affilotheme and How will it Help Me?

AffiloTheme is a Premium WordPress theme with a difference! AffiloTheme is the latest offering from Affilorama. This great product will help you as an online marketer create highly profitable affiliate websites. AffiloTheme will save your customers loads of time and hassle, enable them to increase their bottom line, and boost their search engine rankings.Customers get:

  • AffiloTheme – With amazing features and benefits such as affiliate link cloaking + tracking, push-button opt in form and squeeze page creation, 5 beautiful theme options, and built-in header image creator, AffiloTheme really is one of the best wp themes for  site building  in existence.
  • Full video training – yes you get full video training, showing you how to get AffiloTheme installed, how to make great sites with the theme, and more. Everything is covered.
  • Access to the exclusive AffiloTheme members’ only forum. This is where the “great minds” of AffiloTheme come to meet, discuss site building strategies, and more.
  • Unlimited customer support from some of the best staff in the business (this means massively lower refund rates for you)
  • One month’s free access to Affilorama Premium. This is huge, a $67 value on its own, customers of AffiloTheme get access to all the tools, all the extra education for a full month. At the end of which they have the option to continue on.

Who is AffiloTheme for?

AffiloTheme is ideal for:

  • Newer affiliate marketers who want an easy-to-configure site building system
  • Affiliate marketers who want higher search engine rankings, more sales, and better opt-in rates
  • Any webmaster who wants a powerful, flexible WordPress theme with a great deal of customization options
  • Anyone who wants to easily incorporate opt-ins and squeeze pages into their site


What Do You Get With AffiloTheme?

Here’s what they get when they purchase AffiloTheme:

  • Premium WordPress theme with 6 child themes (this basically means 6 different themes in 1)
  • Full flexibility with layouts, colors and fonts
  • Built-in header creator tool for stunning header images
  • Squeeze page and opt-in form creator tool with 4 different form options (Squeeze page, Full-feature opt-in form, feature opt-in form, and sidebar opt-in form) There are dozens of different layouts and color schemes available
  • Popover and exit pop functionality inbuilt
  • Powerful affiliate link redirect and cloaking tool to boost conversions
  • Free 1 month access to the exclusive Affilorama Premium program
  • 1 year free hosting for up to 5 Affilotheme sites
  • Excellent customer support – wherever and whenever you need it
  • AffiloTheme comes ready-optimized for great SEO and high search engine rankings too
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What Kind of Sites Can I Build with Affilotheme?

Well sites like the one below:

As a first step we advise you to read this FREE REPORT:

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