Review of Affiloblueprint 3

Review of Affiloblueprint 3

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I recently snapped up Affiloblueprint 3 as I got a lot out of Mark Ling’s original training course Affiloblueprint  which I bought over two years ago.  I liked Affiloblueprint 2 because as a newbie internet marketer I needed someone to take me by the hand and walk me through the steps of setting up a website and marketing via affiliate internet marketing.  AB 2 did just that and a year later I made 1000 % profit.

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It sounds wild but it was only $1000-but that was one thousand more dollars than I had made in the preceding two years as I paid for expensive courses to learn how to blog. The problem I had prior to MArk Ling’s course (he is the founder of Affilorama, creator of Affiloblueprint) was that I was getting masses of information but not a lot of practical guidance.  I spent about two grand plus and learned about blogging and how to write some basic HTML but in reality this didn’t get me very far.

Mark and his sidekick Aletta in the AB 2 course held you by the hand and showed you by a series of recorded videos how to build an affiliate site from scratch using the themes available at the time (I think he brought out his original Affilotheme shortly after) and it was pretty good, if you could understand their wonderful Kiwi accents!   Seriously it was practical, helpful and down-to-earth. Now imagine if you could latch on to this via a friend.  (Mark talks about how he discovered internet marketing through a friend).  Imagine if your friend (who was very successful) was willing to build a profitable website in front of you as you followed along and copied him, by building a website of your own in your own niche. And imagine if you were to join a  community of like-minded people, who could critique what you are doing, answer your questions, and become your friends and maybe even JV (which means Joint Venture) partners in the future- well that’s what Mark Ling has created with Affiloblueprint).

What’s New About Affiloblueprint 3?

Affiloblueprint is divided into 12 sections, each with a number of videos:

– 1) Market Research & Keywords. This will help you to find the best niches and products, and to research the right keywords for your new sites.

2) Creating Content. Strategies and methods for creating the “meat” of your website. Learn how to create your own content, as well as get great results from outsourcing. 3) Setting Up Your Website.Discover how easy it is to set up a website with your included Affilotheme hosting and WordPress theme.

  1. Website Design. Find out how to create nice-looking websites with ease. Learn how to avoid common website design mistakes that might be hampering your affiliate earnings.
  2. On Page SEO. How to optimize your own website for higher search engine rankings.

4) Off Page SEO. Also known as link building, off page SEO is a big focus of Affiloblueprint.  Mark shows you some of the most powerful link building methods around to help your site rise in rank in search engines.

5)Newsletters.   This is something Mark always swears by -that pretty much is the best way of boosting your affiliate income -and that is to build a newsletter list.

6) what to do next? Tweaking Your Website. Troubleshooting your website, discovering why you aren’t making any money, expanding your reach – all these topics are covered here.

7) Google Adwords- Part 1, 2 and 3 Learn the basics of PPC marketing with Google Adwords for instant, targeted traffic and how to optimize the conversions on Adwords.  Adwords can be a terrible minefield so this teaching helps a lot.

Things You Will Learn from Affiloblueprint 3
  • how to pick out a niche that is full of profitable products,
  • how to pick out winning keywords and rake in more sales with less effort than you are putting in now
  • How to build your own website with step by step wordpress instructions. These include everything from installing your site, picking out plugins and setting them up, choosing a theme, and more….
  • Create great content that brings more traffic, leads, and sales into your business
  • The secret that will save you time and money to build your own affiliate empire on autopilot
  • How to quickly scale your business without working extra hours or killing yourself working all hours (my problem in the last two years!).
  • 5 Ways to get more traffic to your blog or website directly without having to pay outrageous fees
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The Cons
  • I am still working my way slowly through this course, and will update this part
  • Initially I couldn’t view my Privacy and About pages which I created early on, following the videos. This was annoying to say the least.  It took them two weeks (!),but they did fix it for me (the Affiloblueprint helpdesk) after asking me for my FTP login details. They said :”This is in response to the header creator error that you reported last week. Our developer has discovered that it was an issue with url’s being used by the HC flash file, not playing nice with the configuration of the server or site. We have remedied this by adding a crossdomain.xml file to the users webroot. For info on why this was done, you can refer to: (if the last part is gibberish to you, don’t worry -it is to me too). Bottom line-they fixed the issue but I think they took too long!

So basically, to take advantage of this offer you need to just follow along and learn by doing-and try to avoid distractions.  I like what Mark says- what you do is much more important than what you know. And then, at the end of the course you’ll not only have a money-making site of your own. You’ll also have a system you can then duplicate over and over as many times as you like.

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