How to Self Sabotage Your Blog

James Pruitt article in Covenant Marketing BlogHow refreshing to come across an honest self-appraisal by an internet marketer!  I often stop by and read posts by James Pruitt, as he knows what he is talking about, having gone through the same Affiloblueprint course that I did, and he has contributed to this blog with his affiliate marketing tips.  Most blog posts and internet articles within the internet marketing niche, as most affiliate marketers will tell you, are geared to selling you something or to joining an opt-in list.

James Pruitt is an internet marketer and does have his own products but is transparent enough to also tell people his failures.  I took time to read his article-on his blunders as a marketer in 2012 and how to make 2013 the best year ever- as it was so refreshingly different in that he acknowledges failings and faults, diagnoses his mistakes and mentions how many subscribers left his blog.  Why is this different?  Well most marketers give you their successes, the usual over-hyped stats and, usually, at the end of their long sales page,  a must-have product and an upsell or two.

No 1 Lesson: Take Total Responsibility for Your Business

He is candid that he is to blame for his business downturn and the fact that his list went from 500 a day in 20110 to less than 20 a day in 2012.  He made an error with having a working opt-in on his site and some problems dealing with Google regarding his email account after he had moved location.  Mind you , these are not crimes. I don’t have an opt-in yet on my blog as I feel I am still early stages but I definitely see the importance of having one.

His main point: if you don’t take total responsibility you will never achieve success in your business.

Make Sure Your Business gets the Attention it Deserves

James describes how he got engaged and things happened in his personal life which ended up taking time away from his business.  In my situation I ended up teaching English in a foreign country and had little or no time for my affiliate internet marketing business.  James says when you work from home, those around you often “don’t respect your time. You will have many people who think you don’t work just because you don’t go into an office every day.” He says you have to make a stand. firmly but politely, so that your business gets the attention it deserves.

Don’t Let People Around You Take Your Time but Also Don’t Do it Alone.

James says the people in his life thought because he worked from home, did not think he had a “real job” and dealing with them and their problems took time away from his business..  My situation was that I let my other work take over and when I came ” home” to my apartment, had no real energy or drive to build my marketing business.  I actually found that I needed people and in a foreign country I was in a situation where very few people even spoke English, let alone being willing to encourage me in my business.  At least if you have a wife or girlfriend or family around you you are likely to get some kind of encouragement.  I had left my family behind for a few months as I did not want to expose my wife to the risks and uncertainties of the foreign situation and the career option I was investigating.  The downside was that I had to spend so much time cooking , cleaning and shopping and ,of course, planning lesson plans for my job, that I had very little time left over for anything else.

I soon realized that I don’t do lonely very well- that I worked better in a team.  So at least in the painful experiences of 2012 I have had clarification on what I want from my job/career, and am now refocusing and fine-tuning new goals.  I realized that my main interests do not lie even with internet marketing but in helping people and in training and teaching them to reach their goals.  I will continue to blog and do affiliate internet marketing as a tool to this end.

James found that his most profitable business, coincidentally, was in reaching the same goal: helping people towards their personal development goals.  I believe you can read more about this at this blog of his: Life’s Hope Media blog

Other Recommendations and Pointers

  • He says that Guest Blogging, and taking the time to do this, will be one of his priorities.  This is an avenue we have never pursued here at Covenant Marketing Blog, but having discussed this with other marketers I can tell you it is a great way to get traffic to your blog.
  • He has identified his niche as the self help niche and blogging niche to connect with more people and rebuild his brand and reconnect with people.  Again, this is something that is crucial in building a successful online business.  If you don’t know who your subscriber base are and your target market, you will be soon running around like a headless chicken with little to show for it.  If you can drill down as far as you can within your niche to the target group and core subject , the more successful you are likely to be.  His core niche is self help.  What is yours?

Hope these suggestions have helped you as a newbie marketer, or are an affiliate marketer still struggling to build a viable online business.  Take a visit to James’ most profitable site site here

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  1. James says:

    thanks for sharing my post here John. really great insights into your own struggles too, glad to see the honesty spreading around.

    the funny thing is that post is probably one of the best things I have done in a long time. Getting real with your readers relieves a lot of stress, and can help you engage them in a way that resonates with their own struggles, and show them how you are overcoming them.

    • JohnReason says:

      Yes we need that, not just in internet marketing. Look forward to potential JV’s and more articles in the future

  2. Jeremy says:

    Hi John,

    Online marketing is such a lumpy business & I’m sure we all get the up’s & downs. I love blogging & think it’s good to connect with others in your niche so I thought I’d drop you a line & say gday! I am an aspiring Internet marketer from NZ also a LHTB member, great to connect with other marketers such as yourself : )

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