How to Get Traffic to Your Blog Using Twitter

Twitter is one of my least used social media icons mainly because I have not really understood it. I did a bit of delving and found that it does have its pros.

If you are a person like me who does not have a lot of time updating all your social media sites then Twitter is ideal.  You are given only 140 characters to make your update , click send and watch the followers come.  But note:you need to keep posting relevant “tweets” regularly on the subject of your blog.

I started off in the natural health area so my Twitter name-“Covenantguy”- had a natural tweet propensity for natural health issues.  As I have developed other niches to write about, I have added other Twitter names to my collection but “Covenantguy” will still cover natural health and internet marketing.

If you are starting out stick to one broad subject area (i.e don’t copy me!). If you write about fast cars , stick to fast cars.

you can use Twitter Counter to track the followers stats,for example, for the people on the Top 100 page.

 How to Gain Twitter Followers

Obviously write content within your niche .  Then put a Twitter badge on your blog. Post regularly. Twitter Counter will track all your stats, brand or #tag. ( What is a Twitter  #tag?  A hash tag is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic. For example, if you search on #HOMELAND (or #Homeland or #homeland, because it’s not case-sensitive), you’ll get a list of tweets related to that TV programme).

If you use Firefox for your browser get the Twitter add-ons to install in your browser. The one I like best is the TwitterBar, which means you can post straight from your address bar instead of logging into Twitter itself.

How to Keep Twitter followers

Derek Halpern in DIY themes makes the following useful comments: “W’rite tweets that people want to read, and avoid writing tweets that people hate to read.”  He goes on to give an example, this tweet by Ramit Sethi:

“The Economics of Big Ski Resorts.” Fascinating how these ski resorts de-risk and diversify revenues. Check it out:” – Original Tweet

See how he takes the headline, and then adds additional commentary after it? That’s a perfect example of a Tweet that would be labeled “worth reading.”

What Twitter Users Find Valuable

Derek Halpern says that research pointed to what users found valuable on Twitter (i.e these were tweets that got read).  Results fell into four different groups: Informative (the largest group with 44%), Funny (24%), Useful (20%), and Exciting (12%).  People said things like : “interesting perspective on something I know nothing about”, “it’s witty and snarky, worth the read.” and “personal, honest, and transparent.”

So make your tweets interesting and personal – and humor won’t hurt!

Hope this helps in your Social Media outreach in the New Year!

John Reason

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