How to Self Sabotage Your Blog

James Pruitt article in Covenant Marketing BlogHow refreshing to come across an honest self-appraisal by an internet marketer!  I often stop by and read posts by James Pruitt, as he knows what he is talking about, having gone through the same Affiloblueprint course that I did, and he has contributed to this blog with his affiliate marketing tips.  Most blog posts and internet articles within the internet marketing niche, as most affiliate marketers will tell you, are geared to selling you something or to joining an opt-in list.

James Pruitt is an internet marketer and does have his own products but is transparent enough to also tell people his failures.  I took time to read his article-on his blunders as a marketer in 2012 and how to make 2013 the best year ever- as it was so refreshingly different in that he acknowledges failings and faults, diagnoses his mistakes and mentions how many subscribers left his blog.  Why is this different?  Well most marketers give you their successes, the usual over-hyped stats and, usually, at the end of their long sales page,  a must-have product and an upsell or two.

No 1 Lesson: Take Total Responsibility for Your Business

He is candid that he is to blame for his business downturn and the fact that his list went from 500 a day in 20110 to less than 20 a day in 2012.  He made an error with having a working opt-in on his site and some problems dealing with Google regarding his email account after he had moved location.  Mind you , these are not crimes. I don’t have an opt-in yet on my blog as I feel I am still early stages but I definitely see the importance of having one.

His main point: if you don’t take total responsibility you will never achieve success in your business.

Make Sure Your Business gets the Attention it Deserves

James describes how he got engaged and things happened in his personal life which ended up taking time away from his business.  In my situation I ended up teaching English in a foreign country and had little or no time for my affiliate internet marketing business.  James says when you work from home, those around you often “don’t respect your time. You will have many people who think you don’t work just because you don’t go into an office every day.” He says you have to make a stand. firmly but politely, so that your business gets the attention it deserves.

Don’t Let People Around You Take Your Time but Also Don’t Do it Alone.

James says the people in his life thought because he worked from home, did not think he had a “real job” and dealing with them and their problems took time away from his business..  My situation was that I let my other work take over and when I came ” home” to my apartment, had no real energy or drive to build my marketing business.  I actually found that I needed people and in a foreign country I was in a situation where very few people even spoke English, let alone being willing to encourage me in my business.  At least if you have a wife or girlfriend or family around you you are likely to get some kind of encouragement.  I had left my family behind for a few months as I did not want to expose my wife to the risks and uncertainties of the foreign situation and the career option I was investigating.  The downside was that I had to spend so much time cooking , cleaning and shopping and ,of course, planning lesson plans for my job, that I had very little time left over for anything else.

I soon realized that I don’t do lonely very well- that I worked better in a team.  So at least in the painful experiences of 2012 I have had clarification on what I want from my job/career, and am now refocusing and fine-tuning new goals.  I realized that my main interests do not lie even with internet marketing but in helping people and in training and teaching them to reach their goals.  I will continue to blog and do affiliate internet marketing as a tool to this end.

James found that his most profitable business, coincidentally, was in reaching the same goal: helping people towards their personal development goals.  I believe you can read more about this at this blog of his: Life’s Hope Media blog

Other Recommendations and Pointers

  • He says that Guest Blogging, and taking the time to do this, will be one of his priorities.  This is an avenue we have never pursued here at Covenant Marketing Blog, but having discussed this with other marketers I can tell you it is a great way to get traffic to your blog.
  • He has identified his niche as the self help niche and blogging niche to connect with more people and rebuild his brand and reconnect with people.  Again, this is something that is crucial in building a successful online business.  If you don’t know who your subscriber base are and your target market, you will be soon running around like a headless chicken with little to show for it.  If you can drill down as far as you can within your niche to the target group and core subject , the more successful you are likely to be.  His core niche is self help.  What is yours?

Hope these suggestions have helped you as a newbie marketer, or are an affiliate marketer still struggling to build a viable online business.  Take a visit to James’ most profitable site site here

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How to Get Traffic to Your Blog Using Twitter

Twitter is one of my least used social media icons mainly because I have not really understood it. I did a bit of delving and found that it does have its pros.

If you are a person like me who does not have a lot of time updating all your social media sites then Twitter is ideal.  You are given only 140 characters to make your update , click send and watch the followers come.  But note:you need to keep posting relevant “tweets” regularly on the subject of your blog.

I started off in the natural health area so my Twitter name-“Covenantguy”- had a natural tweet propensity for natural health issues.  As I have developed other niches to write about, I have added other Twitter names to my collection but “Covenantguy” will still cover natural health and internet marketing.

If you are starting out stick to one broad subject area (i.e don’t copy me!). If you write about fast cars , stick to fast cars.

you can use Twitter Counter to track the followers stats,for example, for the people on the Top 100 page.

 How to Gain Twitter Followers

Obviously write content within your niche .  Then put a Twitter badge on your blog. Post regularly. Twitter Counter will track all your stats, brand or #tag. ( What is a Twitter  #tag?  A hash tag is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic. For example, if you search on #HOMELAND (or #Homeland or #homeland, because it’s not case-sensitive), you’ll get a list of tweets related to that TV programme).

If you use Firefox for your browser get the Twitter add-ons to install in your browser. The one I like best is the TwitterBar, which means you can post straight from your address bar instead of logging into Twitter itself.

How to Keep Twitter followers

Derek Halpern in DIY themes makes the following useful comments: “W’rite tweets that people want to read, and avoid writing tweets that people hate to read.”  He goes on to give an example, this tweet by Ramit Sethi:

“The Economics of Big Ski Resorts.” Fascinating how these ski resorts de-risk and diversify revenues. Check it out:” – Original Tweet

See how he takes the headline, and then adds additional commentary after it? That’s a perfect example of a Tweet that would be labeled “worth reading.”

What Twitter Users Find Valuable

Derek Halpern says that research pointed to what users found valuable on Twitter (i.e these were tweets that got read).  Results fell into four different groups: Informative (the largest group with 44%), Funny (24%), Useful (20%), and Exciting (12%).  People said things like : “interesting perspective on something I know nothing about”, “it’s witty and snarky, worth the read.” and “personal, honest, and transparent.”

So make your tweets interesting and personal – and humor won’t hurt!

Hope this helps in your Social Media outreach in the New Year!

John Reason

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Mark Ling Launches Affilotheme

Affilotheme LaunchWould and extra $10, 000 a month help you some in the se days of stultifying economic decline.  Would it help you invest in your education, your child’s education, or maybe a business you have been itching to start up?

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Well with Mark Ling’s latest product offer you can do that just that.  I have followed his Affiloblueprint course and although his teaching manner is not exactly charismatic that is not a bad thing because he covers the practical bases you need to cover to succeed online, without too much hype like other gurus give you. I only started making money online after doing his course.

What I needed to do-still need to do -and what you need to do is to follow a proven, reliable method that has been shown to work for others all over the world.

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First off , I would click above for a free report that shows you the 5 Steps to 10k per Month

If you’ve ever wanted to make money online, and make loads of money as an affiliate marketer, then you need to read this report.

What is Affilotheme and How will it Help Me?

AffiloTheme is a Premium WordPress theme with a difference! AffiloTheme is the latest offering from Affilorama. This great product will help you as an online marketer create highly profitable affiliate websites. AffiloTheme will save your customers loads of time and hassle, enable them to increase their bottom line, and boost their search engine rankings.Customers get:

  • AffiloTheme – With amazing features and benefits such as affiliate link cloaking + tracking, push-button opt in form and squeeze page creation, 5 beautiful theme options, and built-in header image creator, AffiloTheme really is one of the best wp themes for  site building  in existence.
  • Full video training – yes you get full video training, showing you how to get AffiloTheme installed, how to make great sites with the theme, and more. Everything is covered.
  • Access to the exclusive AffiloTheme members’ only forum. This is where the “great minds” of AffiloTheme come to meet, discuss site building strategies, and more.
  • Unlimited customer support from some of the best staff in the business (this means massively lower refund rates for you)
  • One month’s free access to Affilorama Premium. This is huge, a $67 value on its own, customers of AffiloTheme get access to all the tools, all the extra education for a full month. At the end of which they have the option to continue on.

Who is AffiloTheme for?

AffiloTheme is ideal for:

  • Newer affiliate marketers who want an easy-to-configure site building system
  • Affiliate marketers who want higher search engine rankings, more sales, and better opt-in rates
  • Any webmaster who wants a powerful, flexible WordPress theme with a great deal of customization options
  • Anyone who wants to easily incorporate opt-ins and squeeze pages into their site


What Do You Get With AffiloTheme?

Here’s what they get when they purchase AffiloTheme:

  • Premium WordPress theme with 6 child themes (this basically means 6 different themes in 1)
  • Full flexibility with layouts, colors and fonts
  • Built-in header creator tool for stunning header images
  • Squeeze page and opt-in form creator tool with 4 different form options (Squeeze page, Full-feature opt-in form, feature opt-in form, and sidebar opt-in form) There are dozens of different layouts and color schemes available
  • Popover and exit pop functionality inbuilt
  • Powerful affiliate link redirect and cloaking tool to boost conversions
  • Free 1 month access to the exclusive Affilorama Premium program
  • 1 year free hosting for up to 5 Affilotheme sites
  • Excellent customer support – wherever and whenever you need it
  • AffiloTheme comes ready-optimized for great SEO and high search engine rankings too
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What Kind of Sites Can I Build with Affilotheme?

Well sites like the one below:

As a first step we advise you to read this FREE REPORT:

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Review of Affiloblueprint 3

Review of Affiloblueprint 3

Buy Affiloblueprint 3

Affiloblueprint plus Bonuses

I recently snapped up Affiloblueprint 3 as I got a lot out of Mark Ling’s original training course Affiloblueprint  which I bought over two years ago.  I liked Affiloblueprint 2 because as a newbie internet marketer I needed someone to take me by the hand and walk me through the steps of setting up a website and marketing via affiliate internet marketing.  AB 2 did just that and a year later I made 1000 % profit.

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It sounds wild but it was only $1000-but that was one thousand more dollars than I had made in the preceding two years as I paid for expensive courses to learn how to blog. The problem I had prior to MArk Ling’s course (he is the founder of Affilorama, creator of Affiloblueprint) was that I was getting masses of information but not a lot of practical guidance.  I spent about two grand plus and learned about blogging and how to write some basic HTML but in reality this didn’t get me very far.

Mark and his sidekick Aletta in the AB 2 course held you by the hand and showed you by a series of recorded videos how to build an affiliate site from scratch using the themes available at the time (I think he brought out his original Affilotheme shortly after) and it was pretty good, if you could understand their wonderful Kiwi accents!   Seriously it was practical, helpful and down-to-earth. Now imagine if you could latch on to this via a friend.  (Mark talks about how he discovered internet marketing through a friend).  Imagine if your friend (who was very successful) was willing to build a profitable website in front of you as you followed along and copied him, by building a website of your own in your own niche. And imagine if you were to join a  community of like-minded people, who could critique what you are doing, answer your questions, and become your friends and maybe even JV (which means Joint Venture) partners in the future- well that’s what Mark Ling has created with Affiloblueprint).

What’s New About Affiloblueprint 3?

Affiloblueprint is divided into 12 sections, each with a number of videos:

– 1) Market Research & Keywords. This will help you to find the best niches and products, and to research the right keywords for your new sites.

2) Creating Content. Strategies and methods for creating the “meat” of your website. Learn how to create your own content, as well as get great results from outsourcing. 3) Setting Up Your Website.Discover how easy it is to set up a website with your included Affilotheme hosting and WordPress theme.

  1. Website Design. Find out how to create nice-looking websites with ease. Learn how to avoid common website design mistakes that might be hampering your affiliate earnings.
  2. On Page SEO. How to optimize your own website for higher search engine rankings.

4) Off Page SEO. Also known as link building, off page SEO is a big focus of Affiloblueprint.  Mark shows you some of the most powerful link building methods around to help your site rise in rank in search engines.

5)Newsletters.   This is something Mark always swears by -that pretty much is the best way of boosting your affiliate income -and that is to build a newsletter list.

6) what to do next? Tweaking Your Website. Troubleshooting your website, discovering why you aren’t making any money, expanding your reach – all these topics are covered here.

7) Google Adwords- Part 1, 2 and 3 Learn the basics of PPC marketing with Google Adwords for instant, targeted traffic and how to optimize the conversions on Adwords.  Adwords can be a terrible minefield so this teaching helps a lot.

Things You Will Learn from Affiloblueprint 3
  • how to pick out a niche that is full of profitable products,
  • how to pick out winning keywords and rake in more sales with less effort than you are putting in now
  • How to build your own website with step by step wordpress instructions. These include everything from installing your site, picking out plugins and setting them up, choosing a theme, and more….
  • Create great content that brings more traffic, leads, and sales into your business
  • The secret that will save you time and money to build your own affiliate empire on autopilot
  • How to quickly scale your business without working extra hours or killing yourself working all hours (my problem in the last two years!).
  • 5 Ways to get more traffic to your blog or website directly without having to pay outrageous fees
  • Try Affilobleprint 3 now and get bonuses through this link here
The Cons
  • I am still working my way slowly through this course, and will update this part
  • Initially I couldn’t view my Privacy and About pages which I created early on, following the videos. This was annoying to say the least.  It took them two weeks (!),but they did fix it for me (the Affiloblueprint helpdesk) after asking me for my FTP login details. They said :”This is in response to the header creator error that you reported last week. Our developer has discovered that it was an issue with url’s being used by the HC flash file, not playing nice with the configuration of the server or site. We have remedied this by adding a crossdomain.xml file to the users webroot. For info on why this was done, you can refer to: (if the last part is gibberish to you, don’t worry -it is to me too). Bottom line-they fixed the issue but I think they took too long!

So basically, to take advantage of this offer you need to just follow along and learn by doing-and try to avoid distractions.  I like what Mark says- what you do is much more important than what you know. And then, at the end of the course you’ll not only have a money-making site of your own. You’ll also have a system you can then duplicate over and over as many times as you like.

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