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Hi there,

 This is John Reason(or “Covenantguy” which is my internet marketing pen name),

Welcome to my site for those interested in marketing online.   In the light of the global economic malaise, many people are looking for ways to make money online.  I went down that route about three years ago knowing nothing about affiliate internet marketing, or even much about computers.

In the process I learned a lot about the pitfalls of internet marketing and had some breakthroughs.  One thing I can tell you- avoid marketers who claim to be able to make you rich quickly, especially those selling automated tools.  Internet marketing takes time, money and effort.  You can make money but I would hang on to your day job if you still have one.

I have taken up a new job in a field of my interest, which occupies most of my time and the other, which occupies less time but is an ongoing priority, is internet marketing. I am looking to replace my income from my day job and through focusing on affiliate marketing and other avenues I am well on my way to doing it. I currently live in New Zealand with my great family.

I like to do all my marketing ethically and provide true value to my subscribers. I have learned firsthand how difficult it is to start out marketing online and I also know most people do not have thousands of dollars to spend on products and software, so my blog will always aim to to give as many free quality training tips as I discover are working for me.

I will be creating an email list shortly from which you will receive periodic updates and also some recommendations for great products to purchase, and you can also follow me on my Google+, and Facebook accounts too.

What Is Covenant Marketing Blog About?

After experiencing dismal results trying to follow various internet “gurus” training courses and not a few gimmicky products I slowly developed a system that would work for me, a man who wears many hats with a family to support and , unlike some, without the time to sit at a computer all day every day.

About Covenantguy

Marketing Online is Fun!

Since following courses like Affiloblueprint I have slowly found success online in various niche markets, but thought it might be a good idea to chronicle my progress and insights for those who are newbie marketers or those still struggling to make a decent living online, after years of trying.

I will share the tricks that have worked for me, that’s how my blog on online marketing came to be. The goal of my blog is to provide valuable content -as much as possible for free -to other affiliate marketers to help them fast track their success.

I also would be interested in potential joint ventures and to share ideas where possible. Therefore I encourage people to participate on my blog and leave comments. Also I need to be totally honest and say if you email me, you may or may not get a response, the reason is that I get so many emails these days that I simple can’t keep up, but I’ll try my best, but paid customers will always get my time.

This blog is aimed at providing advice for a wide range of online marketing techniques, as an affiliate.

If your dream is to make a full time living online, and you are more like at tortoise than a hare when it comes to marketing online, then you’re in the right place because I’m here to help you reach that goal.  If you are a successful internet marketer, well maybe we can do joint ventures-but I have to like you and your stuff!

Thanks for stopping by.

Catch you soon!

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